Friday, February 09, 2007

I hab a code.

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Yeah, I've got a cold. A suck-your-soul-out-through-your-nose kind of cold. Or maybe it's a suck-your-brain-out cold. 'Cuz that's the kind of cold you have when you're drinking tea, and then you forget where you put your mug, and then you realize it's still in your hand.

(Ok, so that didn't actually happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.)

It's been storm-cloud-brewing for a while, and poor Pumpkin must have caught the germs at the same time 'cuz she's not her usually self either. Dosed her up with cough & cold medicine before bed last night, so she slept it through at least. Well, slept through until about 6am that is. Not nearly as pleasant as her usually 7:30 or 8:00 wake up, especially for a Mommy who couldn't fall asleep until after 12 and then woke up twice to go to the bathroom. (Stupid pregnancy bladder combined with "it's a cold so drink lots of liquids.") But the poor thing was in tears three times before 10 am, so I know she's not feeling well.

(That'd be due to the fact that I wanted to eat breakfast before we made cornbread, after she pulled too hard on her necklace and it exploded in a rain of beads all over the floor, and when I wouldn't let her eat the old popcorn we found under the couch while looking for the beads. Poor child.)

Even though I'm zombie-ing it through the day, I have managed to do some laundry, make that cornbread, empty the dishwasher, and do the usual toddler care. I'm blogging now between putting her back in her bed for naptime, but then it'll be time to make the dough for the hamburger buns. (Nope, haven't gotten those made yet, but it's on the docket for tonight!) You'll note that even though Pumpkin LOVES to help me bake, I'm opting to go it alone today! Then once it's raising, it'll be time for a sweet, sweet nap. (Sometimes I really love being a stay-at-home-mom! 'Course if I'd've still been teaching, I would have called in sick last night, emailed in my sub plans, and slept IN.)

Ok, somebody's banging on her bedroom door, so it's time to re-bed-ify her. Here's hoping it's the last time before the Sandman comes visiting.


Pusher said...

You make your own hamburger buns?

Even when you're sick?

...we may have to invent a whole new category of domestic goddess for that one.

Hope you (and Pumpkin!) feel better soon!

Allknowingjen said...

Yeah it has never even crossed my mind to make my own hamburger buns- but I bet those burgers will be SO yummy!
Hope you feel better soon!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Well, while I usually do make my own buns, 'cuz the hamburger buns at the store are so... bland and styrofoamy? I do sometimes buy them for convenience sake. However, today the choice was stay home in the warm house and spend 20 minutes mixing up the dough and then 15 later (post-nap) shaping half into buns and turning half into cinnamon rolls (YAY!) or to bundle up the Small Sick One and myself and spend 40 minutes walking to the store, buying buns, and walking back.

With those as the choices, we picked homemade!