Monday, February 05, 2007

Love/Hate Relationships

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I love reading blogs,
but I hate when I can't think of any good ideas for posts myself.

I hate being so far away from friends and family,
but I love that so many of them have/are going to come to visit!

I love The Planet,
but I hate when other parents don't adequately supervise their rough-playing kids.

I hate cleaning the goopy stuff out of the drain after doing dishes,
but I love that Mr. Kluges will do it for me. (*smooch* Thanks, hon!)

I love naps,
but I hate waking up groggy and feeling like the world shifted two degrees while I was asleep so everything is just slightly askew.

I hate heartburn,
but I love Gaviscon.

I love the library,
but I hate that they have a ton of second or third books of series without carrying the first one!

I hate (ok, dislike is a better term, 'cuz I accept that it comes with the territory, but that doesn't fit the pattern) changing Pumpkin's dirty diapers,
but I love that she'll let us know she's working on one by saying, "I just like to poop in my diaper." (Guess she's not ready for training yet, huh?)

I love that here it's considered ok to have a single beer or glass of wine a week while pregnant, which I savor on the weekend,
but I hate that it's Monday and I've got a craving for red wine...

I hate writing a post and then seeing that "0 comments" thing,
but I love getting online later and seeing it with a new number! (HINT, HINT!)


ewe are here said...

I seethe when parents don't monitor their bigger rough playing kids, especially when they're running roughshod over littler ones.

I would love a nice cold beer. But, sadly, it's still probably about a month away.

Kashka said...

I love getting to keep in touch over the miles. I have nothing that I can relate to that that I hate.

Allknowingjen said...

I am so with you on that first one. I have been doing a lot of reading but not a lot of writing...
Also- I just noticed- you are in the double digits! Less than 100 days to go! :)

Ang said...

I was just noticing how the rate of blogging seems to have died down considerably on most of the blogs I read. Winter blahs, I guess!

nonicktodd said...

I love being able to have a beer just about any time I want one. I hate that our country feels it is unacceptable to have one over lunch while working. :p