Thursday, February 08, 2007

Skyway Robbery

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Ok, did any of you happen across this on CNN yet?

BA to charge $470 for an extra bag

Yeah, so you get what? One carryon, plus one suitcase? Otherwise it's $470 round trip for that extra bag? Dang! Now, I'm a proponent of packing lightly, but lately, when we've travelled, it's involved either bringing an extra suitcase for bringing things back that were in storage or needing to pack wedding clothes or, oh, having stuff for the first 6 weeks we moved here before our shipment came in. And our carryons have been filled with stuff-to-keep-a-toddler-busy- while-on-a-long-flight-to-avoid-crying-and- keep-everyone-around-us-from-hating-us. So it's not like we can pack that much lighter 'cuz dang it, we used all the toys and nearly all the diapers and clothes we had along!

So I went to their site and looked up the new baggage policy. Yeah, "simpler," my arse. So it seems to vary based on where you are going, your status as a traveller with them, etc. Heck, even the infant allowances vary! And the charge? Well, that's WAY at the bottom where you might miss it.

So, if you're thinking of using British Airways for travel in the near future, better make sure you're a fairly light packer... or plan on a SIGNIFICANT extra charge!


nonicktodd said...

That is crazy expensive. What I find interesting about this is that when I've flown lately with NW, they haven't really even enforced the current rules. When I visited you (egad - nearly a year ago now!), I checked my bag because there was no way it could fit in that little box they have for carry-on demo purposes. (Which lead to the slow-baggage-plane-missing delay at Heathrow.) And I saw LOTS of people carry the same bag on. Sucks to be you (you know, with a kid - to be plural - and all).

Syl said...

I always buy diapers and formula at the location to avoid the packing and carrying. Just a thought. Although it would leave room for bringing stuff back...

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, sure, Syl, I agree. (I have the grandparents pick them up ahead of time!) I just worry about having enough diapers and wipes for the trip plus a few extra in case of delays or traveler's tummy! And when you're talking a transatlantic flight with two layovers, well, that's still a lot of diapers!