Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blame it on the rain... or pregnancy hormones

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Edited to add photo of round tower.

So, I have to apologize for not being great about posting lately. I'll sit down at the computer, open up a new post, and just stare at the blinking cursor. 'Cuz whatever I had in mind to chat about... well... it's just gone.

Blame it on pregnancy hormones, I guess. Oh yeah, that's something else I love about being pregnant - you can be forgetful and clumsy and, hey, it's not you! It's the pregnancy hormones!

(Which is especially nice 'cuz I set one of our lovely useful-souvenir-matches-our-plates-we-love-them coffee cups on the table last night, then grabbed it to move it to the counter, and somehow smacked it into the back of a kitchen chair, causing me to lose my grip on it, which mean it completely sah-MASHED! into the corner formed by the floor, the refrigerator, and the cupboards. We're talking multiple, multiple pieces here, folks. And of course, since I had been going to make myself seconds on hot chocolate, there was still about a half-inch of cocoa goo in the bottom. Which ended up splashing everywhere from half-way up the frig, to 2 to 4 feet on either side of the incident. *sigh* Cleanup took a bit. )

So anyway, we're still here and fine and all. Pumpkin is over her sickness and is sleeping wonderfully both at naptime and nighttime again. (Knock on wood) We even went touristing last weekend, visiting Dungarvan and Ardmore to see a castle and a church with a round tower, respectively. I'd include a photo here, but Mr. Kluges currently has some of our computer stuff detached, so I can't. Instead I'll leave you with cute Pumpkin anecdote from the weekend.

Upon waking up in Ardmore, (we love car naps!) and seeing the round tower, Pumpkin said, "Oh! It's a tower! Maybe Rapunzel lives there!"


ewe are here said...

Funnily enough, I 'apologized' for being less than diligent about posting lately today, too. Maybe it is a pregnancy thing. ;-)

We like to visit castles and other historic spots, too... always interesting gets us out and about.

Pusher said...

Heh. You're still posting more regularly than most (self definitely included), so I wouldn't beat yourself up too much. Glad Pumpkin has accepted napping again.

(Every time I hear the word "rappel" it reminds me of Rapunzel because they share so many letters, so my mental image is of a rock climber rappeling down a tower with a rope of hair.)