Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Rhetorical Questions

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For how many days will I find black smudges around the house from the washable marker featured in the previous post?

The three-months-to-write-thank-yous rule applies to Christmas gifts, too, right?

Is it just me, or is it cruel for my husband to leave the bottle of Jameson sitting out on the counter, where it just taunts his pregnant wife, instead of putting it away himself?

How many times in a row can a two-and-a-half-year-old ask the same question?

Why do I rent a movie that I know will make me cry, and then watch it at night, while I have a cold, when I know that I will get so stuffed up I won't be able to breathe when I try to go to bed?

Will I be able to cut my own toenails for the entire remainder of my pregnancy? ('Cuz I still can now, but I'm not sure about a couple months down the line...)

So, what's happening to all the bees?

And finally...
...will you come back and read my blog next week, even if I don't do much (ok, probably any) posting for the rest of the week since my youngest brother and his wife are coming to visit?

You will?!? Oh good! See you then!

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day, even if it's a little early.


Pusher said...

Okay, ignoring the "rhetorical" part. :-)

1. I'm not sure, but if find one when we come visit, do I get a prize?

2. Yes. Anyway, you can always blame it on international post.


4. I shudder to think.

5. Oh dear. Yes, I had a bit of waterworks at that one myself.

6. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! (And Mr. Klughes)

7. I don't know, but it's freaky and disturbing and sad.

8. Of course!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Yay, Pusher! I LOVE that you ignored the 'rhetorical' part; it made me laugh to read your answer. And, yes, I will figure out a prize if you do find black washable marker smudges still around when you get here! No prizes for other housekeeping miscues though!

ewe are here said...

Well, I just got my christmas thank you notes out last week... so I think you're still good. So long as they get out eventually. (You're pregnant; you get extra slack for that, no? ;-) )

The Jamesons? Very unsporting, at least from where I'm sitting.

And of course we'll visit. :-)