Saturday, February 17, 2007

Uncle TP and Auntie Kay come to visit

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Hi! I'm here; I'm back; I missed you, too. *grin*

Had a good time with my brother and sister-in-law. Since he reads this blog occasionally, he came up with his own nickname. So, hello, Uncle TP! And we'll be calling his wife Auntie Kay, I think, unless she wants to leave a comment with a different idea.

(Auntie Kay, Uncle TP, Mr. Kluges, and Pumpkin walking up to Ross Castle.)

Pumpkin and I enjoyed touristing with them on Wednesday and Thursday. We visited Kinsale on Wednesday, complete with walk from the town center out to Charles Fort, followed by the obligatory Blarney Castle visit. Thursday was Cobh for the Queenstown Story museum and St. Colman's Cathedral in the morning and Cork (particularly the English Market) in the afternoon.

Mr. Kluges took Friday off, and we drove out Killarney way and went to the National Park, where we hiked and visited the Muckross Friary (aka Muckross Abbey, depending on the source), which was new to us. It had wonderfully complete cloisters with a HUGE yew tree in the middle!

(I love cameras with timers! Also, convenient rocks that are fairly level and at the right height.)

Oh yeah, and by the way, spring has definitely arrived here in Ireland! The crocuses and daffodils are popping up all over and there were some gorgeous pink flowers on some of the bushes at Killarney National Park!


Pusher said...

FLOWERS! garden! The ground is still frozen!

Yay for pretty Ireland pictures. Can't believe I'll be there this time next week. (btw, did you get my email? The first time I sent it bounced back.) Glad you had fun with Uncle TP and Auntie Kay!

Happy Veggie said...

Flowers? How not fair. Its way above freezing today, but that won't last. That looks so pretty.