Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Pumpkin!!!

You are a star, and we love you tremendously.
Mommy & Daddy & Penguin

P.S. Yes, we did have a bigger cake. This is the little one that Pumpkin got to frost (or try to and lick the frosting off her knife) while I frosted the big one. Also, we ate this one when Mr. Kluges came home from work (aka as soon as it was frosted), while the big one waited until Grampa Pharoah, Gramma Pet, and TNGreatAunt came this evening.


Allknowingjen said...

That picture made me grin! She looks so happy to be 3!

kittenpie said...

That pic is priceless. The moustache, especially. But may I say - and I may have said it before - she is just gorgy.

Pusher said...

Happy birthday to Pumpkin! Very cute picture, and wow are you brave for letting a 3-year-old frost her own cake. Sometimes I think they should design kitchens like those cars you can just hose out.