Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's a party!

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We've having a potty party today!

That's right - a potty party! The idea comes from a book called "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day" by Teri Crane. I first heard of it over in Ireland, when my mom mailed me a clipping from the Strib because it was about this book, and the article interviewed a teacher from my old school about it. She was all raves, so I figured I'd give it a try when the time was right.

Well, we've taken the "when she's ready" approach to potty training so far. Pumpkin's had a potty chair around for more than a year. She was sitting on it as part of her pre-bath routine for a long, long time. She's used it successfully many times, but has never really been interested in tossin' the diapers for good.

Teri Crane explains that - diapers are easy and convenient for kids. They can go anytime, and the nice disposable diapers these days let them still feel dry and comfortable. Why give that up for the inconvenient of using the potty?

So you turn it into a big deal - a potty party.

It's an Event. Lots of bells and whistles and bribes (I mean treats) and decorations and fun. You start the day giving the child a doll that can wet. The morning is spent helping the child 'teach' the doll to use the potty, with the child receiving the treats and getting to put the stickers on the doll's chart. Of course, the doll has 'accidents,' so you remind the doll it's ok and have it sit on its potty chair for a while to 'practice.'

Eventually the doll is declared 'trained' and the child is presented with BRAND NEW FANCY UNDERWEAR as a thank you gift from the doll.

Then the rest of the day is spent helping the child learn (or reinforcing previous lessons) to use the potty herself.

We've watched potty DVDs, read potty books, put stickers on potty charts, and had lots of treats. Also, we've gotten Pumpkin to drink LOTS of liquids... which has led to many successful trips to the bathroom. Just one accident so far, during lunch, but it's all going well.

Currently she's napping, 'cuz we've done worn her out with all the excitement today. So we're enjoying the chance to catch our breath and get ready for the end of the day.

Best two things purchased so far. LOTS of smoothie juice consumed in the new fancy Dora cup with close-able straw and handy carry strap!

I'm looking forward to the celebratory trip to DQ at the end of the day. Rewards for all!


NoNick said...

Lucky kid. I never got a potty party.

Syl said...

I will be watching with baited breath, as we will be there soon.

kittenpie said...

Woohoo! That sounds fun. It was Dora underwear that turned the corner for us. She declared to her teacher one day that she wanted ot start using the potty so she could have them. Okay, then!

DiploWhat said...

What about those underwear that turn cold when they get wet? Bet that doesn't feel so good. oh, wait, it's summer. Maybe I should go buy myself some!
And, I should have gotten a potty party. I think it was the last time my mom raveda bout me - at least the only one I hear about.