Sunday, August 05, 2007

Still re-patriating...

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Even after 4 months of being back in the USA, some things still jar my sensibilities a bit.

  • It seems weird to not put USA at the bottom of addresses.
  • The river ALWAYS seems like it's at high tide.
  • The roads are still so very, very wide.
  • The grocery stores are HU-GIGANTI-MUNGOUS! And the selection - oh my god!
  • More people comment on Pumpkin's hair... but none on our accent. :)

And my most recent favorite, from the Farmers' Market this weekend, when I was so excited to see locally produced cheese!
  • In Wisconsin, you can buy goat cheese curds.

Mr. Kluges adds:
  • He no longer gets a tea and scone break at work.
  • Everything is cheap, even gas.
  • He has to drive everywhere.
  • Where are the rooks?
  • It's always hot and dry. (And we have central air.)
  • The oatmeal and dairy products blow.
  • He can go shopping AT ANY TIME.
  • He can understand everybody (except the northern Wisconsonites.)
  • The TV [We don't have cable] is crap. [I think that's because they only showed the good US and British shows in Ireland.-MHH]
  • He can get BBC radio here.
  • Oh, the beer! (But no cider or perry.)


ewe are here said...

heh heh

I do laugh now when I read about Americans back home complaining about the high price of cheap compared to here.

And I miss the 24/7 hour shopping experience option.

DiploWhat said...

Things that shocked me when we got back:
The amount of grease in food.
How very "hick like" most Americans seemed/are.
The speed at which cars drive. (First time I went 45 when we got back, I thought I was FLYING!)
The ease of shopping - so much in one place!
Lack of little resturants and good street vendors.
I felt short again. Maybe that's why I like asia so much?

I really miss the "golden crust" option at the pizza places. Man that was soooo good. What it was was a ring of Korean sweet potato (MUCH MUCH better than the US sweet potato - gold colored and delicious and made great fries and chips) a short distance from the crust forming a secondary ring. The "empty" space between the outer edge and the sweet potato ring was filled with CHEESE! This was the only good Italian like thing in Korea.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, the golden crust sounds great! I like sweet potato & LOVE cheese! Yum!

(Yeah, I hear you on the height thing. Now I'm a big short instead of average like in Ireland.)

Pusher said...

*laugh* Only Ireland could make you think of a Midwestern summer as "dry". Unless you're only talking about rainfall, not humidity.

Goat cheese curds? Tell me more!