Friday, August 24, 2007

Yes, it's an update. No, it's (still) not a resolution.

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What with the waiting, and the thinking you'll know when it'll happen, and then having to keep waiting well PAST when you thought you knew it'd happen, and being excited, but also apprehensive...

....this house business is giving me an inkling as to what people who go days and days past their due date might feel like.

Mr. Kluges shares another guest post. Comments in square brackets are mine. - MHH
['Cuz I just can't let him tell a story without interjecting. In real life either. *grin*]

There were four things that needed to happen to buy the house we're looking at:

1) Agree upon a price with the seller
2) Pass the house inspection
3) Get insurance
4) Get a loan

The first three are now sorted [with the insurance having the requirement that we replace the knob-and-tube wiring within the first 60 days. - MHH], and with our good credit rating we didn't expect number four to be an issue, BUT what we didn't count on was that a lender might actually consider it a bad idea to loan money for a "fixer-upper." We didn't think that the lender would also have to approve the condition of the house and/or the inspection.

To that end, our lender came back and suggested (well, more like required) that we get the sewer inspected since the owner mentioned that it does back up once in awhile.

At first I grumbled and then realized that no, this was in fact a good thing. If the sewer is shot, it's better to know now rather than later. So we found a roto-rooter type guy and had him out to send a camera down our potential future sewer line. Luckily, the sewer line hadn't really been used in two years, so I didn't have to review the gastrointestinal output of owners past.

It was pretty cool to see, except for the fact that the pipe was shot. [Surprise!] Like everything else in the house, the line was original, in this case cast iron. There didn't look to be any metal left at the bottom of the pipe. So we got an estimate to fix - $5,000 to $6,000 and now we've gone back to the owners again to ask them to fix it or give us money to fix it.

So we're waiting...again. We're doing that a lot these days.


kittenpie said...

Well, at least it might breed patience. Or maybe an ulcer.

Pusher said...

Wow. Well, better to know in advance, as you said. I hope the owner gets back to you promptly with $$$ in hand.

DiploWhat said...

I can't help but get the feeling that the gods are trying desperately to tell you something that you're not listening to....

Happy Veggie said...

Totally not house related, but you need to get this.