Monday, August 13, 2007

Lessons from a potty party

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Things I learned from a potty party...

  • Anything can be an excuse for a party.
  • Dollar for dollar, helium balloons are better than gold.
  • You will be amazed at the number of stuffed animals a child has once they are all gathered into one room.
  • A green blanket on the floor surrounded by stuffed animals makes a jungle. Jungles are cool.
  • To a child, a party means a cake.... Remember this or field repeated questions regarding the location of said (non-existent) cake.
  • Steamers count oodles for decoration, but they sag lower and lower over time.
  • If the shortest adult in the house puts in streamers the night before a party, the tallest adult in the house will spend the entire next day ducking streamers. This is particularly true if there is a 8 inch height differential between them.
  • Potty training songs have a dangerous capability to get stuck in your head. ( sit your bottom down, and you push the poopy out... you do the Tushy Pushy 'til the poop goes in the pot, that's what it's all about!)
  • If you like Steve and Joe on Blue's Clues, you'll like Potty Power. The girl on it addresses the child viewer with the same sincerity and realism.
  • Your local library has a LOT of kid books and videos about using the potty. That's good. You can put a lot of them on hold (often on-line when it's sleep time for your munchkin(s)) and not have to sort the stacks for them with kid(s) in tow. That's good. They all have virtually the same theme and your child will want to read them over and over. That's boring. Reinforces the potty training well, but bores the pants (hee hee) off the grownup.
  • Rites of passage are important. A trip to DQ is a great way to celebrate a rite of passage!
  • Chocolate ice cream cones are messy. Yummy, but messy.

In unrelated news, Mr. Kluges rented The Money Pit for us to watch last night. *grin*


Ang said...

You didn't have a cake?!? Well, lesson learned there :-) And the "Anything can be used as excuse for a party" sounds like one of those rules we should add to Kashka's list.

Allknowingjen said...

Yeah, I'm in my 30's and party still = cake to me. Or liquor. Either way.
Once again I am so glad you have to do all this rite of passage stuff before I do! :) I LOL at the potty training song too- who knew there was such a thing?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, THAT song is from a book/CD set we got at the library called, "Tinkle Tinkle Little Tot." It's not even counting all the various ones from the DVDs... not even Bear's "Toileteers" song... *grin*

kittenpie said...

WE were partial to a DK board book on potty training that had a bit of a silly streak to it about what you do with a potty and gave us the mantra "Take your time, there's no rush!"

ewe are here said...

Yay for chocolate ice cream!
Always worth a little mess.