Tuesday, October 02, 2007


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You know those days when you're just crabby? Grumpy and touchy and easily set off?

Yeah, the ones that are no fun for you... or anybody around you?

When those happen to me, it's often because of a lot of little things building up over time. Big things mean I get upset, or mad, or sad, or whatever and then get over it. Little things build up like itchy little psychological mosquito bites. Annoying, and not troublesome, but oh, how they irritate! In fact, I can just feel my shoulders getting all tense over it...

Well, I gotta say that I'm feeling a little "itchy" these days. It seems like we're working on the house and working on the house and working on the house and not getting anywhere. Of course, when we're there working on it, really just Mr. Kluges is working on it because I'm watching the kids. I might get a little bit done if Pumpkin is "helping" him and Penguin's content to go in her exersaucer, but all in all, I feel like my time there is pretty worthless. I _know_ it's not - that every little bit is moving forward - but it seems so incremental sometimes.

We're also dealing with trying to keep up two places. Two lawns that need mowing (and one lawnmower to haul back and forth that can't fit in the back of the Blazer when the car seats are in), two places to make sure are stocked with diapers and at least some food, two places that keep getting dusty and dirty...

But of course we only have some things over at the brick house, which means that I'm also always trying to remember if I need to bring over more spare clothes or something. And while I picked up another exersaucer at Once Upon a Child and the pack-and-play is set up over there, I don't have Penguin's swing or other toys and conveniences there, so I end up holding her more. Which means I don't get anything done.

Over at House of 42 Doors I recently posted about the painting problems we're having. In another "nothing is ever easy" complaint, we brought the big drapes in to be dry cleaned. Sure it's expensive, but then they're clean, and it's WAY cheaper than replacing them and the drapes are nice and neutral and seem newish. Well, that's all fine and good, but when we went to pick them up, it turns out they'd tried to call (no answering machine machine here) to say that the linings might be ruined in the process and did we still want to have them try? Well, no... so now we're waiting for them to be sent back, and we'll try vacuuming them to remove dust and cobwebs and then trying that Febreze spray to see if that'll be good enough. (Of course, we don't want to do that until the electricians are done because they'll be making a mess and probably a fair amount of dust, so instead of being able to check off "Drapes - done," they now go back on the very long "To Do" list. Hear those little psychological mosquitoes?!?!?)

And it's Tuesday tonight... which means I get to sort a ton of laundry and do the weekly hauling it to the laundromat. I'm SO TIRED of having laundry be a weekly ordeal instead of just something I'm doing throughout the week. Thankfully, TNGreatAunt has offered us a washer/dryer set as a belated wedding present (because she promised us them way back then... even though she keeps giving us other stuff, too, to make up for that we hadn't needed them before *grin*) / housewarming present. So when my parents come next weekend, I think we'll go try to pick out a set. Probably won't be able to use them until the electricians and septic line guys are done, but at least it's a light at the end of the tunnel, you know?

Whew. Now that was a bit of a rant, wasn't it? Forgive me for complaining about the will-be-great new house and all, but this whole "doing some fixing and cleaning before we move in" business is taking for-eh-ver. At least once we're in, then I can work on stuff at naptime and put things away so that I actually know where they are (I'm SO looking forward to knowing where things are!) and only worry about keeping up one place.

Speaking of keeping up one place and laundry day and all, I should go and try to get some stuff done before both girls are up. Thanks for listening to my rant!

P.S. On a more positive note, a whole bunch of recipes have been posted recently on Recipeeps 4 Us, so check 'em out!


Allknowingjen said...

Oh hon- I would have lost it long ago! You are right, it will be better when you are all in one place and you can go about getting more settled. Do you have a move in date? Even a tentative one? Hang in there! *hugs*
p.s. It was you with the halloween candy thing-I was going to put it off this year too, but I couldn't remmber who's idea it was.:)

The Sexy Blonde said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that things progress smoothly from here on out. But I do hear you on the having two places thing, and the desire to finally have everything in one place and where you can fricken find it! And I didn't have children to deal with on top of it all. There were many, many days when I had to constantly remind myself to take deep breaths, think about what was really important to me, and try not to bite Jaysan's head off. I certainly did not always succeed...
Hugs from me. You'll be there soon and all this will be just a memory!

Syl said...

I hear ya. We don't have nearly as much to do, but trying to do ANYTHING with two kids is so much harder than I ever thought. And because you are the primary care-giver (and the mom is ALWAYS the primary care-giver), you always feel like you're slacking because you can't help.

Sigh. Good luck, I know you'll get through it.

ewe are here said...

Good grief, I'm exhausted fromjust reading that list of all the things that are going on at your end right now!

It will be worth it in the long run... hang in there!

Matt said...

Good luck with your List. May it become a shrinking list rather than an ever-expanding one!

DiploWhat said...

What a great/accurate term - psychological mosquito bites.

Hey Teach! said...

I'm going to bookmark your page, so that the next time I think I have too much to do, I will come here to feel better!

Good luck!