Friday, October 26, 2007

The Na-Mo cousins

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Well, I did it. I signed myself up for National Blog Posting Month. That means every day in November I've committed myself to blogging.

It seems to me that NaBloPoMo is the 10 year old little girl looking up at the sixteen year old cousin getting ready for a date that is National Novel Writing Month. She watches every bit of primping and make-up, and you know she's going to put on the tiniest little bit of lipstick if she's allowed. But she's just not big enough yet, for dating and dancing, though she looks and longs for that day.

I sometimes look and long and consider doing National Novel Writing Month. I have nothing but awe for the friends of mine who have done it - some for many years. But I just can't see carving out the time this year with a three-year-old, a six-month-old, a house in renovation, and the process of moving.

But it also seems like I'll have an excuse every year. Something or other will make me say, "Well, not this year, because ___."

I hope some year I'll take the plunge and graduate up from the little girl/baby steps of NaBloPoMo to the big girl NaNoWriMo... it just won't be this one.

(But, that being said, I AM going to do NaBloPoMo - even baby steps can get you someplace.)


kittenpie said...

I may just have to ignore bloglines for November, so many people are signing up. How can I ever kep up without going bonkers and/or cross-eyed? I couldnt' do it. Best of luck to you!

Word ver. is "emhog." Say that out loud. Is blogger calling me names or telling me what I already know about blogger?

Pusher said...

If it's any consolation, I almost find NaBloPoMo more intimidating than the original. Yeah, the word count isn't as high, but there aren't as many "cheats". You and Syl will have time for novels eventually. And just think of all the material you're stocking up on in the meantime!