Thursday, October 11, 2007

Changing the subject

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Ok, now that I've traumatized you all (or at least one brother - sorry!) I'll get a new post up. Just needed to speak up on the whole "breastfeeding is a natural way to feed your child and you shouldn't have to hide the the bathroom to do it" issue. Granted, I was self-conscious enough when I first had Pumpkin that I _did_ try to nurse her in the bathroom the first time Mr. Kluges and I ever went to a restaurant. It didn't work well, wasn't comfortable, abandoned him to sit alone for a long time, and just wasn't it. Since then, I became more comfortable nursing in public or around other people. But for a new mother, it can be a very personal, private act... and people looking at you funny can feel very embarrassing.

ANYWAY, I titled this "Changing the subject," so I will.

I love Craig's List. There's one for the area where we live and so far we've purchased...
  • a Bumbo chair
  • a Little Tikes climber with slide (sort of like this, but with a roof)
  • an old by-hand coffee grinder that works
  • a beautiful 5x8 rug for the office (for $35! We love it!)
  • an antique radio that Mr. Kluges thinks is cool
  • a seriously-like-new! child's play kitchen with food and stuff (SHHH!!! Don't tell Pumpkin - it's hidden in the attic for Xmas!)
and yesterday we got 4 dining room chairs for free! FREE, people! Granted, they're no lookers, but will certainly do with the hand-me-down table my parents are bringing this weekend until we decide we want to spend money on a brand new dining room set.

So, if you're into reuse for the environment or frugality, check it out. Granted, there's some junk and definitely some overpriced stuff, but looking fairly often can find you some good stuff!


Allknowingjen said...

I have tried,lord knows I've tried, to get some Craigs list bargins, but I have no luck at all. Everything is overpriced (or too far of a drive, sometimes both!) and when something is a good price, they always tell me someone else took it already. *sigh* I must be doing something wrong.
I do like the garage sale listings though

ewe are here said...

I've never used Craigs list, but I'm all for the second hand/recycling/screaming bargains.

And I hope your brother wasn't seriously freaked out. I mean, really. It's food, people.

kittenpie said...

I love browsing, but haven't found a lot that was both worth it and that we needed and that was in easy pickup range. Misterpie has found some good treasures, though, including our awesome wagon. I have better luck browsing on garbage day, myself. But I do wish I had known about it when Pumpkinpie was coming along, because there is tons of really cheap and good baby stuff.

Happy Veggie said...

I think the TC is such a big market for that stuff that it can create some greediness on some parts. Next year I plan on using it to get some outdoor toys for the Sprout. I'm hoping I'll be lucky.

Syl said...

I love Craig's List. We get a little addicted occasionally, but we've gotten a couple of good deals, and I found a table on there for Pusher and Puck. Some of it's outrageous, but others are reasonable.

Also, we got our carseats for Maine by looking at the site for Maryland and having my parents go pick up the seats and bring them up.