Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Report

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Busy weekend! Gramma Yori hung up her paintbrush and called it quits after a very productive week and a half stay with us. I'm sure Grampa Jem was glad to see her back home on Saturday, but we were sad to see her go. Man, did she get a TON done while she was here! We even had overlap of guests when Jaysan and The Sexy Blonde came out on Friday to visit us. We took it a little slower over the weekend when they were here, but still were rather distracted with house and children. Had a good time anyway.

I've uploaded and organized a new set of photos on Flikr to show some of our work in progress. I haven't remembered to take pictures of everything (like the messy, messy basement ceiling removal), but you can see a bit of it anyway. Click on the picture in the sidebar to the right to see the rest of the pictures. If you want to read about the whole calcimine-paint-removal process, Mr. Kluges just wrote about it on House of 42 Doors.

But the big news from the weekend is that Penguin said "Mama"!!!!! Well, it was really more like a very sad "mamamamamamama," but still! Yay! That's my girl!


kittenpie said...

OH, doesn't that just warm your heart? Meanwhile, Pumpkinpie just spelled her first word this weekend. will be posting about it as son as I can get the photo of the fridge magnets to upload. Yay, kids!

kittenpie said...

OMG wait, must comment again.
I am in love with your house now that I went and checked out the flickr photos. That built-in buffet is to DIE for! You lucky, lucky thing, you!