Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Report

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Sorry about not posting much lately. Grampa Jem & Gramma Yori were here Friday afternoon to Monday morning and we were busy! Got lots done, but still lots to do! (So, Grampa Pharaoh and Gramma Pet, there's still plenty to do when you come this upcoming weekend!)

I mostly took care of the kids as usual, but the rest of the crew managed to empty out the crap in the basement (someday soon I hope to post pix of the mountains of STUFF that was left behind at this place), finish scraping the paint off the walls in Penguin's room, paint the ceiling and trim in Pumpkin's room, fix and sharpen the lawnmower that was left behind and our own (now we've got one at each place and don't have to haul one back and forth anymore!), and peel all the paint off in Pumpkin's room.

We'd hoped to finish Pumpkin's room all the way, but discovered the paint was starting to peel in there, so it's now getting the full paint-removal, calcimine-wash-off, repaint deal like Penguin's. To let you know how time intensive this is, it takes 8-10 hours to just peel off the old paint in these tiny rooms. Then the walls will have to be scrubbed 2-4 times with soapy water, washed again 1-2 times with clean water, and then primed, before they can be painted. Yeah, and here we were thinking we could just, you know, PAINT THE WALLS like a normal house! HA!

(In good news though, the paint store was having a sale of 25% off most of their paint, so we stocked up for both girls' room, the ceilings, the hallway, and primer!)

Eventually we'll be able to move in...

P.S. Much better post about our weekend just put up by Mr. Kluges over on House of 42 Doors. You'd think he wasn't repeatedly interrupted by two small children while trying to write...

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Syl said...

it never ends, does it? I hope you get to move in soon.