Thursday, July 17, 2008

An afternoon at the beach

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Walking 25 minutes to the swimming area + pulling the wagon with both girls the whole time + carrying the bag of towels & other "essentials" + playing at the beach with them for more than an hour + walking back with wagon and bag (& girls) = justification for the triple chocolate filled donut we picked up at the bakery on our way home, right?

If it's close, does the fact that it was a new local bakery & so I was supporting local business help at all?


Seriously, this was the first time we'd been to this swimming area and it was awesome. When we'd signed up for the local library's summer reading program, we got a certificate to attend the swimming area for free on a particular day as a celebration of it. The original day was rained out, but today was the rescheduled one. I'd thought about going before, but "free" and "library-related" put it into the "oh, why the heck not today?" category. So we went.

Long walk; longer that I'd thought it would be because it's at the completely opposite end of the park from where we come in. Plus, with both girls in the wagon, I ended up carrying the bag of stuff, most of which... ok, I'm an over-packer... 30% of which we used.

The swimming area itself is basically a beach, with plenty of space, plus it's fenced-in, has bathrooms, changing rooms, and a concession stand, etc. and a roped-off separate diving area with quite a few more lifeguards than I'd expected. Being a beach, it was GREAT for Penguin - no worries about her tumbling onto cement or tile, plus the nice gradual slope into the water. Pumpkin found some other kids with beach toys and settled herself right in; Penguin loved walking into the water with me. Good fun was had by all.

The weather was a bit cloudy today with some threats of bad weather later in the day but it was still fairly busy. I'd guess that on a sunny day there'd hardly be room to move.

On the way there, we walked past where they're setting up for a festival this weekend; on the slightly shorter way back we strolled past the aforementioned bakery.


I'd call it that aspect of it a wash, wouldn't you?


Allknowingjen said...

Fun! We hit the beach earlier this month too and loved it, we really have to go back. There is a DQ on the way to and from ours... ;)

Happy Veggie said...

Does running around in the backyard with our new sprinkler then eating a popsicle count? We have yet to brave the beach, but I've been freaked out by anything involving water with Sprout's tubes. I just don't want to hassle with the wax stuff.

Nectarine said...

I think you are GREAT to walk to the beach. You looked great so what's a few extra calories. I workout just to eat.

Mary Beth said...

What fun and definitely worth a triple chocolate donut:)

ewe are here said...

Sounds like a great beach area...

Oh how I miss the beach...

And OF COURSE that's the perfect excuse for a triple filled chocolate donut!

DiploWhat said...

I think it's worth 2 donuts. One for the walk there and one for the walk back, not to mention all the busy in-between stuff.

kittenpie said...

I hate that our beaches are not really swimmable here, because this sounds wonderful.

there is an amazing bakery around the corner from work, and if I weren't supposed to be cutting out sugar, I'd be eating their cupcakes FAR too often. Even so, they sell minis, so every now and then I indugle a TINY bit. Just between you and me. Shhh!