Sunday, January 11, 2009


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Man, sorry I've been a tad light on posting lately. I've started watching one of Pumpkin's classmates if/when her mom gets a substitute teaching job, so that cuts in a bit to my down/computer time.

It's been fun having her here & nice to get a little bit of extra cash. We're still at the training-in phase, though, in which she learns to stay seated at the table during meals/snacks until excused, that we have "quiet time" for an hour in the afternoons, and other "ways we do things here." Going fine, but if I wouldn't've been expecting the need to establish expectations, I think I'd be a tad frustrated. Pumpkin loves having a playmate around in the afternoon and Penguin thinks she hung the moon.

In fact, her family goes to our church, and during the children's sermon, when all the kids go up front and sit on the steps, Penguin stood her little self up and went to be right next to "Rayray." Then she kept saying, "Rayray!" and touching her arm. It was actually quite cute.

Ok, gotta run - trying to get caught up on a few things today like tidying up some of those notorious surfaces that seem to accumulate clutter. Yeah, you know what I mean... those tables/shelves/nooks that gather the extra mail or newspapers or stuff from work/school... Going to go see what I can tidy/throw/do something about. Have a great last bit of the weekend!

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