Monday, January 19, 2009

Tidy is as tidy does?

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I've been thinking and working on my 2009 resolutions, especially the tidy/clean one and the 365 Less Things. Granted, I'm already a few things behind (see sidebar), but hey, progress is progress.

Speaking about progress and moving forward without being perfect (yet! *grin*), Syl recommended FLYlady in previous comments and I was looking at the FLYlady site a bit this weekend. Anybody else try it at all? It looks like a great way to take your mess - however HUGE or small it may be - and take little steps towards getting your house the way you want it. She seems to be all about starting small, establishing habits, and not letting perfectionism get in the way and paralyze you. Don't know if I'm keen about getting all the e-mails, but I like the ideas of starting small, dividing the house into zones, small maintenance routines working wonders, acknowledging that the mess accumulated over time & it'll take time to undo it, etc. Also, you know, free is a good incentive to give it a try.

So if you've done the FLYlady routine, what did you think? Or, check out her site (which isn't set up to be intuitively obvious to me anyway) and weigh in.


DiploWhat said...

I'm too lazy to check out the site but I've found moving frequently helps us shed unwanted/excess/hey I haven't used that in YEARS type stuff. Not for you? Here's one for the kids a co-worker told me that I think is great. At the end of each school year have the kid pick out their favorite project/drawing/artwork. That goes in a box. All the rest for that year is thrown out. That way you get a keepsake but aren't overwhelmed.

Allknowingjen said...

I've tried it before with mixed results. As in I will do it all for a while and then I get busy and let things slide again. (I actually still get the e-mails in digest form, which makes them easier to handle, I just don't read them *blush*)
I kind of pick and choose the things that work for me - I remember liking the "missions", and the 27 fling boogie (hey, you would only have to do that 13 times to get to your 365!) I never really got the hang of the "zone" thing, but I liked the morning and evening routine- especially when I first started SAH, that helped a lot. And I did/do take the "it doesn't have to be perfect" thing to heart. I also like how she talks about how we always make our home nice for guests but not for ourselves and how that just isn't right. There are other things about it that bug me, so I just don't do those things. (or I ignore them in the e-mail). Sorry this got so long!

Nectarine said...

I have read her book and have it if you would like it sometime. I am sure it is somewhere around here. (Lacking bookshelves here is really hard.) I like the idea of the clutter area. We have one and I am always trying to keep it clear but it seems to happen really fast. I also like the idea of taking one room at a time. I have areas I like to get done and then the next time I go to a different area.

kittenpie said...

I took one look and figured I'd feel depressed with being utterly unable to keep up with it all.