Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The beginning of the end?

So last week our girl turned two. Rumored to be "terrible," you know.

She has been doing a bit of ... testing lately. Things like:

  • Thinking that diaper changes are optional. Combining that thought with protests and flailing when said diaper change time is announced.
  • Deciding, that even though she varies between one and two naps a day, that she doesn't NEED naps anymore. No matter how many times Mommy notices signs of tiredness, changes her diaper, reads her a couple of stories, and puts her in her crib, THERE WILL BE NO NAPPING! So sayeth the girl. (Granted, not everyday, but it's been a bit of a problem lately.)
  • Figuring out that hugging Mommy is a sign of affection; whacking your head into hers is not.
  • Switching from a girl who LOVES to eat in general, and who is happily acquainted with such not-usually-toddler-fare items as black olives, Camembert cheese, pesto, and olive tapenade to a girl would ONLY like black olives, Camembert, pesto, and tapenade. Oh, and french fries. Guess she's still a kid and not a restaurant critic after all. (In fact, she's snacking on some frozen peas at the moment while I'm writing this, and said, just now, "More bwack owives, peese." Should I be worried she's reading my mind?)
  • Throwing something with which she's frustrated, and before it even hits the ground, shaking her little head and saying solemnly, "Don't frow srings."

Today has been one of those no-nap-however-many-times-Mommy-puts-her-down days. And Mr. Kluges has been sourced out to Limerick to work on a big project this week, and is staying overnight up there tonight and Thursday night to cut down on driving. So now that it's after 5pm, I've got the joyful task of trying to keep an exhausted girl UP through supper and a bath so that she doesn't fall asleep too early and wake up after an hour. Of course, this is after spending a fair amount of the day trying to convince her to sleep.

Oh well, there's always this...

And it's mine, all mine!

Slainte, you know.

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Syl said...

We get quite a few of these things already from Kitten, only 15 months. She will look at us and say "no no" and throw things off her high chair or grab onto the speakers. Diaper changes have been a squirmy issue for months and she tends to run off when the diaper is off. She is quite picky about food some days, and some days she will eat whatever.

But naps usually go well still and she is recently very snuggly, which she never was before.