Sunday, August 06, 2006


Good morning, world. Pumpkin decided to get up a little early this morning, so we're hanging around, watching a video. Since Mr. Kluges's laptop is home, and since I've seen this one maybe 6 times already ("Tiny Toy Stories" - got it on Thursday at a charity shop... but it's quite short... under 1/2 hr.), I figured I'd pop online and add a post.

So, just want y'all to know that the public accountability piece of my goal is all that got me to do it last night. Yup, I did my 30 minutes of exercise only because of you. Guess that's why I started posting my goals, and it wasn't so bad, but it would have been MUCH easier just being lazy.

We took advantage of a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday to go to the beach. Pumpkin was much more interested in the sand than the water, but we all had fun. Ocean water near Ireland, even in August, is dang ccccc--old! Not quite as much as Superior was a couple of times when we were camping, but frigid nonetheless. Pumpkin dipped her toes in the waves a bit, Mr. Kluges went in up to his knees or so, but me? I braved it out a little deeper and dunked under twice. Whoo! Invigorating! Mr. Kluges took Pumpkin up and down the beach for a while, too, so I got to relax and read on a blanket in the sun (and wind, but that's ok), and listen to the sound of the waves.

It's a three day weekend. The holiday? "Bank Holiday Monday." Periodically, there are "Bank Holidays" where most people have the day off. They're ... let's see... the first Mondays in May, June, and August, and the last Monday in October. Remind me a bit of Memorial Day in that they're usually fairly nice weather and BIG shopping days, often with advertised deals and sales. Mr. Kluges has been making noises about going to the Donkey Sanctuary, so we'll probably do that today or tomorrow.

Ok, tummy's getting growly, and Pumpkin is less zoning out, so I think we'll go do breakfast. Yum!

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