Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Part II

(or "Why Clean Up the Horrendous Kitchen When You Can Blog Instead)

So, here's the birthday girl... with the button (or in Ireland, badge) that let everybody know!

You know how I was going to make her cake this afternoon? Yeah, that turned into a group affair starting after Mr. Kluges got home.

<-Here's when I was wondering what I'd gotten myself into. Making a train cake had been Mr. Kluges's brilliant idea since he so fondly remembered one his Aunt Mary had made for him when he was four. This... mainly just looks like blobby lumps of frosting.

Here's the final result. Good thing I had a pastry bag with a piping end... and cute cookie wheels. ->

Pumpkin didn't open all her presents tonight - it ended up getting too late, and this way we get to spread the fun out over several days. We DID give her the trike. (Then we wouldn't have to tie up the bathroom with hiding it.)

She rode on it. (Ok, sat on it and pushed with her feet or we pushed her, but I figure that counts for now.)

She examined the decals closely.

And she had to push it just like Mommy and Daddy were doing.

(Then she proceded to fill both the basket and the little backpack with dirt and chives, but you know, she was having fun.)

And here she is just after blowing out the candles. Mr. Kluges is holding her back from lunging into the frosting while telling me I'm killing her by making her wait while I take pictures.

So that's the story of Pumpkin's second birthday. Here's hoping the sugar doesn' t keep her up too long! (Also, that the remaining three and a half sections of cake don't give any of us diabetes.)

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Syl said...

I think the cake looks fabulous! Happy 2nd birthday, Pumpkin!!