Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

Yup, it's our girl's 2nd birthday today. I'll try to take some photos of her later... maybe eating the cake that she and I get to make this afternoon. She's currently crashed - napping off the fun of going to The Planet this morning, followed by grocery shopping at the big grocery store. And while she's napping, I should probably get to work putting together the Dora trike we got for her big present from us! Adios!

P.S. Got the trike put together. Only messed up once by putting the handlebars on backwards, but easy to fix. Now it's hiding in the downstairs bathroom until present time. Yay!


Ang said...

Happy Birthday to Pumpkin!! Somehow I'm thinking she's grown far beyond the beep-beep, toot-toot game and would think me quite daft if I tried playing that with her today. She'd probably tell me to "Go 'way!" :-)

Allknowingjen said...

Happy Birthday to Pumpkin! (imagine us all singing to her here!) I hope she is really surprised by her new trike - I can't believe she is 2 already! (Is the 2nd b-day easier on Mom than the 1st one?)

Kashka said...

Wow, time moves fast. The last time I saw her, she was palmable. Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!