Monday, August 07, 2006

Donkeys, water, and bees

Just a quick note to say that yes, we did go to the Donkey Sanctuary today. It was another gorgeous day (equal to Saturday, I'd say) and we saw a lot of donkeys, in more colors than I expected. One even had stripes on the bottom half of his legs rather like a zebra's! On the way home we stopped at a playground for Pumpkin, too.

I will try to figure out how to post some pictures, but right now I'm posting from Mr. Kluges's computer outside on the patio while Pumpkin (wearing a onesie and her pink Tinkerbell Wellington boots - I can't believe she's not cold yet) repeatedly scoops water out of her swimming pool and pours it on the patio, the sidewalk, and anything that catches her interest. Oh, and throws her beach ball in it so that it splashes and she shrieks with laughter. *shrug* I dunno - I guess it's fun when you're little.

Gotta go - she's getting REALLY close to a bee on our herbs.

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