Monday, August 28, 2006

Question #6 - Scary Movies

First of all, big congrats to Syl, BuddyPants, and Kitten on the new addition to the family! Welcome to the world, Calleigh!

In other, less important news, Jurassic Park was on TV yesterday, and it made me remember vividly how very on-the-edge-of-my-seat I was the first time I saw the scene where the velociraptors have the two kids cornered in the big shiny stainless steel kitchen. I remember almost having a heart attack when one is charging the girl and she's trying to pull down that door, but then it turns out the raptor was seeing her reflection when it crashes into the side of a different cupboard. And when the boy keeps slipping on the ice in the freezer and almost can't get out? My legs were sore afterwards; I had them so tense trying to "help" him go!

Now, I've been known to have nightmares where Something (I'm never sure what it is, but it's scary!) is chasing me around inside a building and I can't get out, so maybe that part hit a little closer to home, but still... my adrenaline was pumping!

So, what movie or movie scene has scared the beejeezes out of you?

(By the way, if you want to see Questions 1-5, they're on my old site.)


Kashka said...

The part where Quint gets eaten in Jaws (sorry, there isn't a spoiler tag on here...).

This is also, thanks to my big brother, why I couldn't eat egg-bake for years.

Allknowingjen said...

The 6th Sense- in particular, the part where the dead girl is hiding underneath the bed. It freaks me out just to think of her reaching out and grabbing his feet. *eek!*

We saw that one in the theatre though, and that definitely contributes to the adrenaline.

Syl said...

In The Serpent and the Rainbow, the guy is voodoo-ed so he appears dead, but isn't, and he's buried. He regains consciousness but still can't move anything. And a HUGE FRICKEN SPIDER CRAWLS ACROSS HIS FACE. And he is powerless to move it or kill it or scream or do anything.

This brought my little phobia to new heights for years.

Pusher said...

"Jaws" scared me too. And "Alien", with all the darkness and clangy metal and acid blood dripping through the floor. But I think my favorite movie scare was "Ringu" (the Japanese version of "The Ring"), which didn't seem that scary until it was over and suddenly I didn't want to get up and go into the other room unless Puck came with me...and preferably went first.

Mary P. said...

I loathe scarey movies and avoid them with almost 100% success. However, I did see The Ring a couple of years back. Thank heavens the upcoming awful bits are so well-cued by music and stuff: many of the worst visual jolts (so I'm told) occurred while my head was safely buried under a blanket.

Even so, I was jumpy in dark empty rooms for weeks...

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oooh! Alien! I'd forgotten about Alien & Aliens! Yeah, those got me, too, in the same sort of way.

And "The Ring" is very much a lingering fear-type movie, I'd have to agree.