Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years On

I've heard and read so much about this 5 year anniversary of 9/11 today and this week, and it just seems... inappropriate? to not say something or remember the day somehow.

My experience in the middle of the country was one at a distance. I remember my principal telling us what happened at our morning staff meeting; I thought at first he was starting a joke, but then it was real. I remember my husband's work letting them all leave at noon since they were in downtown Mpls, and nobody knew how much more might happen. I remember some parents coming to school to bring their children home so they could be together.

But here are some of the best, most meaningful posts that I read today.

Sars at Tomato Nation lives in NYC and had been in a panel discussion that morning not far away. Here's her post from today, as well as one she wrote about her experience that day.

Kittenpie lived and worked in NYC at the time. Here are her reflections about that day, along with two photos her husband took.

And Stefanie, at Baby on Bored, whose blog I've just started reading lately, was part of the 2,996 Project, in which bloggers were assigned people to memorialize. She wrote about Rosemarie C. Carlson. (I'm not sure if the 2,996 Project link will work - I think the site is getting overwhelmed with traffic.)

And at the risk of sounding sappy, remember to tell your loved ones that you do love them - today, and often.

P.S. If you can't get to the 2,996 Project's site, but still want to read a few more of those, Amalah's Mom's Daily Dose on ClubMom has a list of some.

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The Dude said...

My experience was similar--- some clear memories:

Being frustrated that all the news sites were down, and not being able to see one of the TVs set up on the floor.

Hearing the shouts as the 2nd aircraft hit the towers, and rushing to see the replay over the shoulders of my coworkers.

Leaving work early in the day after the DR and BCP protocols were completed, the company virtually shut down.

Speaking very excitedly on the phone with my wife while we found a place to meet and leave the downtown together.

Not hearing or seeing any aircraft except for the occasional military fighter- eerie.

Arriving home and sitting in front of CNN for the remainder of the day, mostly in shock.