Monday, September 25, 2006

Pumpkin and her food, a love story

Since Pumpkin started eating solid foods, and got to the point where we weren't stressing out about introducing too many new foods too soon, we've been exposing Pumpkin to a wide variety of edibles. And she loves so many we never would have expected. I know I've told you all before about how she L-O-V-E-S Camembert cheese, black olives, olive tapenade, goat cheese, and, as of today, black licorice. Mr. Kluges even gave her Clonakilty black pudding yesterday that she ate right up. (Stick with me, AKJ... I know those aren't on your list of favorite foods!) Outside, she'll munch away on Daddy's chives, or sage, or a nasturtium flower. Now she does and has turned up her nose at things, sometimes for a while, sometimes apparently for long term, but it's remarkable how broad the spectrum is of foods she enjoys.

So, now we've started to let her "help" us cook. Harder to do when dealing with hot stuff on the stove, but she loves stirring, pouring, and watching Mommy measure when I'm baking. I figure she's entertained, I get some baking done, we all get something yummy to eat, and she is learning about cooking. (And maybe once she's like 4 or so, I can get her to make the banana bread all by herself. Yeah!)

And this weekend she got to help Daddy with this:
Diggin' taters.

Yup, this spring we had some potatoes go sprouting, so Mr. Kluges cut them up and planted them at the edge of the grass/compost heap. We ignored them the whole summer, but when I was mowing this weekend I saw that frost (or the potato blight!) had come through and the plants were dead. So, Mr. Kluges and Pumpkin dug those taters and much fun was had by all!

There's a proper little Irish girl helpin' her daddy dig potatoes!

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