Monday, September 18, 2006

Washer Waiting

Last week, our washing machine started to go on the fritz. It took us a little while to narrow down the problem because occasionally in the evening, we'd flip a circuit on the circuit breaker. We weren't sure at first if it was a load issue or a short issue because the first few times it happened, the washing machine was on, the dishwasher was on, this computer was on, and Mr. Kluges had his laptop plugged in and I think the dryer might have been on, too. But eventually we figured it out, called our landlady, she had us call a washer repair guy, he looked at it and said the seals were gone and the bearings were going, and that she'd be better off buying a new one than fixing this one.

(And let me tell you, appliance repair people? Have a good thing going. He wiggled the washer out of its space, unscrewed a few screws from the back, told me his opinion, and charged us 45 euros. For less than 10 minute of his time.)

So Pumpkin and I are hanging around the house this rainy morning, waiting for a new washing machine. Now, I'm not always one to leap out of bed and hit the ground running in the mornings, but today I made sure I was out of my pajamas before 8. Which of course means that they won't come until 11:50 or something. But you just know, they'd be ringing the bell at 7:59 if I would have left my ducky pjs on!

11:30am Update
Washer guy came about 11:15 and delivered new machine & took away old. Now Pumpkin and I are working on installing it. Well, I'm working on installing it, and Pumpkin has decided to try to get into things not usually allowed (like the CDs) since I'm busy. So, it might take a little while to get it all unscrewed, attached, etc.!

11:58am Update
Ok, have transportation safety devices removed, input hose attached, and output hose attached (#$%&* stupid not enough room in undercabinet!!!) Pumpkin watching tv. Now time to level machine on bumpy tile floor.

12:14pm Update
@#$%*&* last adjustable foot! Loosen nut with wrench, my #$%&*! It would help if there was enough ROOM for wrench to actually REACH nut! And for some reason my toolbox does not HAVE an extra extra THIN open-ended adjustable wrench! Probably 'cuz don't even exist! Argh! Will try to tilt up again and hold in place while trying again with stupid wrench. Wait... extra extra thin wrench, hmmmm... have not-too-flimsy-but-very-thin wrenchlette from child gates... may work... hmmmm...

12:19pm Update
Wrenchlette not right size. Too small. Bugger!

12:43pm Update
Ugh. Tried to level using only the other three feet. Looked fine, within tolerances on spirit level, then pushed it in under cabinet. NOT LEVEL AT ALL NOW! Argh. Tried again to get stupid nut on stupid last foot to loosen. No go.
Might wait for hubby to get home so one of us can hold washer tilted up while other one tries to get too fat wrench onto almost-hidden nut. Dirty laundry will have to wait a few more hours. For now, time for lunch! And not working on washing machine for a while!!!

9:27 Update
Now that supper, my belly dance class, and Pumpkin's bath are over, and she's safely tucked into bed, Mr. Kluges and I managed to get the washing maching leveled and pushed in. For that stupid last foot... I held the washer tilted up while he unscrewed the entire foot all the way off from the machine, then he could actually get the nut loosened. The levelling would have gone better had he not set the washer down on my poor little finger, but it's done. Now we're running the first-wash-with-no-clothes-in-it, but I hope to throw in the first real load later tonight. Yay for clean clothes!


Allknowingjen said...

"wrenchlette" - LOL- love that! :)

Kashka said...

I find I have no patience for those type of projects. I suppose if everyone were like me, we'd still be beating our clothes against rocks....