Friday, December 08, 2006

34 is the Magic Number!

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Tomorrow's my birthday! Yay for me! 34 years young!

And to celebrate, here's a list of 34 accomplishments / interesting things I've done / life experiences / things I'm proud of. (in no particular order)

  1. got married (Hi, Mr. Kluges! I love you!)
  2. bought a house
  3. kissed the Blarney Stone
  4. gone waterwater rafting in Colorado
  5. toured a brewery in Belgium
  6. walked across the headwaters of the Mississippi
  7. and been to JazzFest in New Orleans (We even stayed on Bourbon Street!)
  8. ridden a horse
  9. sung a solo in front of an audience (in high school)
  10. snorkelled in Cancun
  11. sewn a fancy Renaissance costume and worn it to the MN RenFest
  12. gone for a gondola ride in Venice (on my 30th birthday, no less)
  13. graduated from college with high distinction
  14. seen Stonehenge (and Carhenge, but that was a different trip!)
  15. cooked a turkey
  16. visited the Colosseum in Rome
  17. acted in two college shows
  18. seen the Mona Lisa
  19. participated in the MN State Fair, the Great MN Get-Together (Over a couple of years, I showed a pig, exhibited a dress, and danced/sang in a 4H show for most of the two weeks of the fair.)
  20. toured Chichen Itza
  21. driven on the right and left sides of the road, in stick-shifts and automatics
  22. been paid to design costumes
  23. participated in a Native American sweatlodge ceremony
  24. gone to Disneyland and Walt Disney World (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)
  25. student taught in New Zealand
  26. went ice fishing (and caught a tiny, tiny fish)
  27. visited Washington, D.C.
  28. gone skiing - downhill, cross-country, AND water!
  29. participated in a (very, very small, independent, done by friends) movie (and a big shout out to some of the rest of you who were also involved!)
  30. ascended the Eiffel Tower
  31. kayaked on Lake Superior (Yay for the Girls' Adventure Weekends!)
  32. belly danced in front of an audience
  33. ridden a cable car in San Francisco
  34. had a baby (and another's on the way) (Hi, Pumpkin! I love you, too!)

So there you go. Put like that, it looks like I've spent at least part of my 34 years doing some fun and interesting stuff! Here's hoping I can keep up the pace for the next 34+!


Ang said...

You forgot the part where you've lived in a country other than the one you were born in for over a year! I hope you have a great 34th birthday!!

Syl Wylvia said...

Please tell me you are referring to Black-Eyed Suzanne.

Allknowingjen said...

Woohoo! Put that way it does sound pretty great! :)
Happy Birthday, hope this year is full of wonderful things for you!

Was Ms Huis in Black Eyed Suzanne? I thought she meant System Glitch (is that the right title?) Wow- she may have 2 movies under her belt! ;)

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Sorry, Syl - AKJ got it right. System:GLITCH is the one. I even got to die dramatically and spit fake blood all over the table. I think Dude (having been in it himself!) might even have a copy...

And I suppose before Jaysan comments I should clarify that there were NONE of THOSE kind of scenes in the movie. :) Much more cyberpunk than bowm-chikka-bowm-bowm.

Syl Wylvia said...

Spiffy spelling of the porn theme!

Kashka said...

Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as my sister-in-law, so we celebrated-by-proxy for you just now in Fargo!

Jaysan said...

Well, there is always the next 34 years...

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

Hey, I snorkeled in cancun too! (Of course with the rest of you have me beat.)

Pusher said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That's a pretty awesome 34 years.