Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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  • My knives are on the mantle.
  • My utensils are on the buffet.
  • My microwave is on the dining room table.
  • The glass globe for our kitchen light fixture is here on the computer desk.
  • Penguin had a bath last night in the kitchen sink.
  • Pumpkin had her bath last night in the laundry sink.
  • I head down to the basement to use the toilet.
  • My toothbrush is in the kitchen.
  • My shower is a washcloth-sink affair in the basement.

I sure hope the plumber can get everything fixed tomorrow.


ShoNuff said...

That sucks, I hope it can be fixed soon.

Allknowingjen said...

What? You don't find that convenient???
Here's hoping it can all be fixed quickly and cheaply! HAng in there!

The Sexy Blonde said...

Fingers crossed for having the bathroom working soon!!

kittenpie said...

Life without plumbing is no life I want to live. I wish your pipes a speedy recovery!