Friday, July 25, 2008

Some random Friday thoughts

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After mowing the lawn this afternoon (pre-forecasted-rain), the nicest things I can say about it are that it is large... and biodiverse.

Penguin is going through an "I don't NEED to nap" phase. Which is utterly, utterly wrong.

Her hair is now long enough to do one of those silly-looking straight-up ponytails in the front. Which looks hilarious, but she doesn't take it out like she does clips and it keeps her hair out of her eyes.

Pumpkin loves science videos. A lot. And it's fun when she talks to us about them and uses terms like "Archaeopteryx." (FYI, I just asked her, "Hey, hon, what's the name of that dinosaur bird?" "Um, Ark-ee-op-tricks." Smartie! Yay!)

She's also going through a rather whiny phase. That's not so "yay!"

Mr. Kluges is on notice that he is NOT ALLOWED to peel paint in any more rooms until he finishes doing it in the entryway and the bathroom. Which means LEAVE THE DANG GUEST ROOM ALONE! I don't care if it does come off easily in nice long pieces - LEAVE IT ALONE!

The baby Cooper's hawks are now big enough that they're learning how to hunt for themselves. We've seen two large ones (presumably the parents) and two smaller ones (presumably the young) in the neighbor's tree. There has also been a lot more calling, more droppings, and more feathers around.

We were lucky enough to get two packages in the mail this week! Thanks to both of you senders!

I can finally hang up clothes outside again. We've got a female mulberry tree in the side yard that fruited recently. Even though it wasn't right over the clothesline, it was near enough that the birds liked to eat some mulberries, and then sit in the oak tree above the clothesline and POOP! @#$%^@%@# So I declared a moratorium on eco-friendly clothes-drying and used the dryer for a while. I'm glad to be able to get back outside with them again.

Happy early birthday wishes to my mom! Love ya, Mom!!!!

Also good... that it's the weekend. Yay, weekend! I hope you enjoy yours, too!!


Mary Beth said...

I used to show the Magic School Bus videos to my kindergarten class and they loved them (you are being educated without your prior consent:) )

DiploWhat said...

I'm all about the peeling. It's like a scab, or, better yet, after a bad just can't leave it alone.

kittenpie said...

Ooh, peeling stuff? You'd better not invite me over...

And oru mulberry drops berries all over our little deck. Which was much less annoying when we had a canopy over it, but we suck and forgot to take it in last fall, and it got ruined over the winter.

Pusher said...

Hee. Yes, biodiversity is one of the nicest things I can say about my lawn as well. Hooray for Cooper's Hawks and smart girls and line-dried clothes!

Cinj said...

Umm, may I suggest for the whining... Duct tape is useful, but not so highly reccommended. It may lead to some questions of weather or not you should be allowed to have children. (Although in my defense it WAS the kind that doesn't stick well and I did try it on myslef first. No, she did NOT have a stuffy nose either.) Okay, maybe that's TMI...