Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Her first intended haircut

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Last night I did it.

For the first time ever, I sat my not-so-little-anymore girl down on a chair in the kitchen...

...and took out a scissors and trimmed her long, gorgeous hair.

Being rather, rather cautious, and not wanting this first ever haircut to be too traumatic for her (or me), I did NOT do bangs (fringe), but merely took about an inch of scraggly split ends off the back.

I'm hoping that helps with some of the snarles and tangles that have been getting increasingly worse. Plus it evened out a bit of the scraggliness.

But it's still nice and long! In fact, when combed out damp, like I did last night before commencing trimming, it very nearly reaches the seat of her chair when she's sitting down!

And technically, it's not quite the first time her hair has ever been cut, but I don't think having a tiny bit cut and shaved off for stitches after falling down the stairs should be the only time her hair has ever been cut before she goes off to school, you know?


Mary Beth said...

Now we get to look forward to her first unintentional haircut. Can't they make scissors that cut paper but not hair? I cut my sister's eyelashes off once because I had heard that they would never grow back and wanted to see if that was true or not (it's not - she has lovely lashes now and they're not even fake).

Happy Veggie said...

Wow, I'm impressed you have kept her hair this long so long, and that at nearly 4 she is just now getting it cut. Neither I, nor my mother, ever had patience for long hair, especially since mine was curly, and I am jealous.

Allknowingjen said...

They DO make scissors that cut paper, but not hair- they are plastic :
We love them here!

I can't believe you did it yourself! Attila's is getting really long again, but the first time we got it cut I took her to the salon. A lollipop helps a lot! :)

DiploWhat said...

You could always tell when my mom would give one of us a haircut. She couldn't cut bangs straight to save her life. It made for quite the photos.
When I had long hair it would tangle something awful and you had to comb it out from the bottom up. Johnson & Johnson made a spray that took out the tangles that worked really well. If you can find it/if they still make it, I'd say buy it.

ewe are here said...

I do the hair cutting around here... my poor boys. ;-)

Syl said...

We're all about the tangle spray here. Meimei seems to have a nest at the back of her head that no longer lays quite flat even when it's freshly combed.

We switch out haircuts about every other time between us and the kid's hair shop.

kittenpie said...

I cut Pumpkinpie's regularly, ESPECIALLY the fringe, since it seems to grow so fast, that a month on, I can't see her eyes any more. She's learning to sit more still, and it's easier in summer, when we just sit on the front steps and do it, letting the hair fall where it may to provide bedding for birds.