Friday, July 11, 2008

Girls' Adventure Weekend by the Numbers

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forever: the time our drive seemed to take
20 minutes, max: the amount of time we were at Grampa Jem & Gramma Yori's house before Penguin managed to pee on the carpet
10 under 10: the children of Mr. Kluges, his 3 high school friends, and us spouses who all got together for the first time in years, thanks to Nectarine aka Noodle aka Turtle.

50%: the percentage of us women at Girls' Adventure Weekend, who managed to get up on water skis
100%: the percentage who tried
about 4: average number of tries per person
12: ounces of Brie drizzled with brandy, wrapped in foil, melted at the edge of the fire, and consumed with crackers. Yum!
50-75 :approximate number of fireworks lit by Mr. Kluges and/or Grampa Jem and/or Uncle T.

5: number of spectacular falls I took while waterskiing, either because the water was rough outside of the wake or when I tried to kick off one ski and keep going.
1: number of spectacular bruises I still have after apparently landing on a ski during a fall.
12:21 am: when I called Mr. Kluges to come pick me up from hanging out at the campsite with the other 3 Adventurous Women - Allknowingjen, Pusher & Suzuri. It was fabulous.

about an hour: amount of time we got to visit with my brothers, SIL, and parents while admiring the new kitchen at my youngest brother's house
less than one: months of age of Sam Brody, new baby of The Sexy Blonde & Jaysan, for whom Puck and Pusher hosted a shower that afternoon
1: number of times I rolled doubles while playing the dice game there
6: songs I played or sang with Rock Band at Puck & Pusher's
1: how many it took to get me addicted

1: number of super cool necklaces Suzuri MADE over the weekend, and gave to me, that I forgot safely in a glass tray at my parents' house. *sigh* I'd wanted to post a picture, but I guess it'll have to wait.
2: girls napping at the same time for about an hour of the 6 hour drive.
70%: approximate percentage of the drive in which songs from Rock Band were running through my head.

6:30 - 7:00am: when Penguin woke up every single day, no matter how late she went to bed.
6: meals cooked on a grill consumed throughout the weekend - chicken, burgers, brats, pizza buns, steak, chicken-spinach brats.
878 = 353 + (30x2) + (10x2) + 67 + 17 + 61 + 300: miles from home to the in-laws to the high school friends' gathering and back to the in-laws to the campsite and back to the in-laws to my youngest brother's to Puck & Pusher's to my parents to home.
1413: the same number converted to kilometers.
only 1: surprisingly, the number of days it took me to catch up on the laundry from the trip.
4 and counting: days until the rest of the travel gear is all put away. I suppose I'd better get back to it!

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nonick said...

Glad you enjoyed the Rock Band. I'm sorry I had to leave so soon. It was really good to see you again, if only for a couple of hours.