Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is my family. *sigh*

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In case you had any doubts about the relative sanity of the Kluges/Huis household, you may put them to rest. All of the following happened today.

I was checking weather on the computer, looked over, and Penguin was standing on top of the Sit-n-Spin. As in, both little baby feet planted firmly on top of the topmost part, holding on to a toy shelf/rack right next to it. I opted to get her down rather than find the camera and document the moment. I fear we may have a climber in this one.

Pumpkin was running around in circles in the living room, chanting, "I am the bad one in your dreams. I am the bad one in your dreams."

I told Mr. Kluges I was running down to the basement to check the laundry, and that I'd be back up "in two ticks."
Mr. Kluges, smartie pants: Wood or deer?
MHH, cleverly, I thought: Lyme-bearing!
Mr. Kluges, who wins this round: Mmmm! Those are the best for margaritas!

And there's a slice of life here at the House of 42 Doors to tide you over while we enjoy a weekend away at Grampa Jem & Gramma Yori's at the lake. Where, in fact, we'll be celebrating the I-don't-know-what-number annual Girls' Adventure Weekend with some water-skiing with some adventurous women friends! Hooray! Also, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!


kittenpie said...

Only if they bring their friends the Fiesta Trio to provide the mariachi music.

ewe are here said...

Oh gawd, my BabyBoo is a climber. I strongly suspect he'd take on Everest now if he could... shudder.

Cinj said...

Aw, but these are the times you'll cherish. Plus there's the wonderful stories you can share with kids' future friends.

I always found it helpful to put the little ones on something safe for them to climb on when they didn't want to keep their feet on the floor. It helped me to keep what little sanity I had when working in the room full of 21 toddlers.