Monday, July 07, 2008

Not the homecoming for which I was hoping.

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Right, so.

We've been home from a fabulous, fun- and friend- and family-filled weekend for all of an hour.

Busy unpacking and sorting, girls playing, Penguin has a snack, etc.

The bathroom gets used a couple of times....

...and suddenly there is the pitter-patter of rain coming from the kitchen, which directly below the bathroom.


Mr. Kluges is calling the home warranty people as I type.


kittenpie said...

Oh, dear. Misterpie just informed me that running ductwork to the top floor reno is going to involve cutting into a wall and then creating a bulkhead in the main floor, too. Then asked why I looked so pained. I grow weary of this, and so know how you feel.

DiploWhat said...

Oh dear lord! Hope you make it through this one too. I'm still waiting for the post where you note the bathtub fell through the floor ala Money Pit. =(

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Kittenpie - and I'm not also dealing with the joys and trials of pregnancy at the same time, like you are! I think I need that Fiesta trio and lime-carrying ticks to bring me a margarita... and out of the goodness of my heart, I'll drink one on your behalf. *grin*

Diplowhat - yeah, if it's going to happen, it'd be this time. The plumber was here and turned on and off some stuff to see what made it leak. He left an hour ago, and the ceiling is STILL dripping... from all of the many cracks in it. We might very well be seeing that bathtub... Well, if it happens, at least we'd get kitchen AND bathroom remodels out of the deal, I guess.

Pusher said...

Oh no!

Dear House of 42 Doors: Ms. Huis Herself and Mr. Kluges are doing the best they can to restore you to your former glory. Plz to be cooperating with them and letting them tackle these things at their own pace instead of forcing the issue like this kthxbai.