Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost done... really...

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The following is a conversation Mr. Kluges and I had on-line yesterday about how he's almost done with all the storm windows, so we can put them on for the winter.

MK: Storms are getting close. I just have three windows left to putty and then eight to paint and fourteen to wash, weatherstrip and hang.
MK: OK. That sounds like a lot now.
MK: dang

MHH: :) that's what I was thinking.

MK: oh, and two windowsill to putty and paint.
MK: no, wait, make that eight. We never did the attic
MK: dang.
MK: oh and one window to add plastic to.
MK: see? almost done.
MK: :)

MHH: :) right.

MK: I think next year I should probably start working on the storms in June, one month after I take them off.

Yeah, I think so, honey, I think so... *grin*


Pusher said...

That sounds like just the sort of project it might be useful to have two extra pair of hands around for... :-)

See you soon!

Mr. Kluges said...

just what we were thinking...

nonick said...

The house of 142 windows... ;)

Mr. Kluges said...

Actually I counted the other day and there are exactly 53 if I include the attic and the basement. If I redo one a year, I'll never get them all done. ah well.

ewe are here said...

That's the problem with being a homeowner... so much to do!


kittenpie said...

They should be easier nedt year when it's not the first year, right? When they are already painted and puttied and such?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Yes. Much easier.

... At least all the ones that DO get all fixed, puttied & painted before getting put up this year! :)