Monday, October 06, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

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On Sunday, we went out to our CSA farm for the scheduled pumpkin picking. The morning was one of those gorgeous, cool, sunny fall days - beautiful!

The afternoon, however, was not.

In fact, it started raining about 5 minutes before we arrived...

...and didn't let up the whole time we were there.

So not as many pictures as I'd hoped for, especially as I tried to keep the camera dry, but here are some fun ones. I just couldn't wait until Wordless Wednesday for these!

Say cheesy!

This next one was snapped in the about 5 seconds Penguin actually held her pumpkin before dropping it, which happened to correspond to the about 5 seconds she left her hood on.

'Course, that may have only been 'cuz her hands were full.

The chickens were smart enough
to stay out of the rain.

Not so much the rest of us.


DiploWhat said...

In my opinion, one of the best things about fall is going out to the orchard and picking up some Harrelson apples for eating and baking and some pumpkins for carving. Looks like lots of fun, even with the rain.

Nectarine said...

Was it a soft rain?

kittenpie said...

and I always thought chickens were stupid...

Good for you for sticking it out and getting your adorable photos, at least!