Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the winner is...

(c) 2008 Ms. Huis Herself at

...Kashka_Z with her guess of 132!

I'm sure you're all terribly surprised that she was the winner of the "How many dang green tomatoes are on my counter?" contest, since, you know, she was the only entrant. :) But I do have to say she would likely have won even out of a much larger field because the correct answer was 144! Yes, that's right, I had a gross of tomatoes sitting there. (Well, plus or minus a few, I'd say - it's easy to lose count with that many roly-poly tomatoes!)

And for her prize, she get to choose one of the following interesting, historical, literary prizes! (Aka things found in our attic)

To give her (and you) just a bit more info, the Readers Digest, April 1937 (subtitled, "Articles of Lasting Interest" so you KNOW it's still good reading!) has such gems listed as:
  • How Can Our Democracy Be Preserved?
  • Isles of Enchantment
  • The Problem of the Holy Shroud (from Scientific American)
  • Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep (by Rudyard Kipling)
  • Syphilis Can Be Stamped Out, and
  • Why American Women Marry Foreigners (Hmmm... maybe because of all the syphilis?)

Sunset August 1937 has the tagline "What's New in Western Living." It's got articles on gardening, home decor, write-in advice columns, and recipes (Carrot Ring and Frozen Cake have both have cartoon illustrations demonstrating the steps.) The gems in here, in my opinion, are the ads. I mean, "Look Lovely, Use Mercolized Wax"and Lynden Chicken Fricassee (a canned food, in case you don't know it!) would not be found in any mag today. But Mazola Corn Oil, Ivory Soap and Quaker State Motor Oil make appearances as well as Shirley Temple pushing Quaker Puffed Wheat.

Physical Culture February 1933 (tagline: "Mind Body Soul Beauty Charm Personality," not that I'd call most of those "physical attributes," but whatever) has these articles listed on the cover:
  • Just Why Do You Drink?
  • Never Be Tired - Here's How
  • How to Build Personality
  • "What Prudery Did to Me"
  • Building Better Legs
  • How to Make Children Grow
And the model of masculinity on the cover is apparently the editor "as He Is Today at the Beginning of His 65th Year." Also, lovely pix like the following are inside:

So, you know, I realize it'll be a tough choice, but just let me know when you've decided and I'll mail it on out! :)


Happy Veggie said...

Are you sure that last one isn't an edition of playgirl? They were way more loose back then.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

They are a bit... surprising, aren't they? It was a lot more fun to post those two pages than, say, the "Minerals from the Sea by the Nutrition Staff" or "That's How Corbett Beat Sullivan."

But I was tempted by the page that has two intriguing ads... "Win that Perfect Figure that should be yours - Hemp Bodi-Massager" and one for a concentrated beer yeast as nutritional supplement with the blurbs "There's no need to be skinny. Here's how to gain quickly." "I wish I knew how to put on some weight. You have the figure everybody admires." over a despondent skinny woman and happy tiny bit plump one - both in their bras, slips & stockings.

Kashka said...

Oh, yeah, I'm gonna need the skin ma...I mean, "Physical Culture." It will have a place of honor on my end table.

As for where to send -- just put my name into for Moorhead.


Ms. Huis Herself said...

Ok, you better not change your mind! Been home all day with sick big girl & going stir crazy, so a walk to the PO is just what the mommy ordered. So it should be there in scant days! Hooray!

Syl said...

Um, Kash, can I get a copy of the "What Prudery Did to Me" article?

Allknowingjen said...

Well DANG If I had been paying attention and noted there was only one other entrant I would have tried for sure! Ah well, at least she is a deserving winner!

Kashka said...

I'll post prints for everyone -- can't wait, Ms. Huis! Thanks!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Now, just so y'all know - that was NOT the only instance of a Physical Culture magazine found in our attic. So, you know, next contest.... enter away!!!! ;)

(BTW, I hear winkies are in these days....)

;) !

DiploWhat said...

At a resturant I was in in Nanjing this week, one of the items on the menu was fried winkies.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

*Gigggle* "Fried winkies!" *Giggle* Yeah, I was going off AKJ's comment on Kashka's blog, but "fried winkies" just sounds wrong and cutsie at the same time.

Kashka said...

Got the mag -- it's even more amazing and horrifying than I thought it would be. I had to take a break from reading it, even. Thanks!