Monday, October 27, 2008

Totoa Bleh!

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She might like chocolate, but...


Allknowingjen said...

Silly girl! Did you put enough marshmallows in? ;)

Happy Veggie said...

Whatever will she do when it gets cold and snowy? Cider is a sorry substitute.

Nectarine said...

What a cute girl. She is getting so big.

By the way what type of bread are you making now?

DiploWhat said...

sadly, I can never watch any of your videos. They all come up as "unavailable".

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh, Diplowhat, I'm sorry! Let's see if I can do a sort of transcript...

M: Hey, sweetie, where's your hot cocoa? Where's your cocoa? (pointing to cup) What's this?

Peng: Totoa.

M: Cocoa. What do you think of cocoa?

Peng: Pbbbbb! (shakes head) No!

M: No? You don't like cocoa?

Peng: Pbbbbb!

M: (To Pumpkin) What do you think that means?

Peng: /random M noise/

Pump: Yuck!

Peng: Yuck!

M: Cocoa's yuck?

Peng:(shakes head)

Pump: I think that means, "blah."

M: I think you're right.

(overlapping)Peng: Blah! Blah! ...Bleh!
Pump: Is it yum or blah? Yum or blah?

Peng: (trying to get out of chair) Ah-don! Ah-duh!

M: So cocoa's bleh and you're all done?

Peng:(nods) Ah.

M: Ok.