Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching up

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No, I'm not dead - just busy.

And yes, I can write a post that doesn't include pictures - it just won't be this one. (*grin*)

Much fun, busy-ness, and work-on-the-house lately. Mr. Kluges has been writing about the large and on-going roof and gutter project over at the House of 42 Doors, with a side of masonry thrown in. Yes, lately we've USUALLY had more than one sort of contractor working on any given day. Also, between the gutter guys, the masons, and the roof guys, we've got LOTS of ladders and scaffolding up. See?

This past weekend my youngest brother, his wife, and my parents all came out to visit. It was a full house! The whole crew was only around Friday night, before Uncle TP & Auntie Kay continued their weekend up in Door County, but that night Mr. Kluges and I sacked out on the air mattress in front of the fireplace in the LR. It was wonderful fun seeing all of them again.

Auntie Kay and Uncle TP even had the brilliant idea to go apple-picking on Saturday. So we did...

(All clickable to view larger.)

(Well, Gramma Pet, Auntie Kay, Uncle TP, the girls and I went. Grampa Pharaoh and Mr. Kluges stayed behind and did painting of trim and shingles for the roof project.)

But Grampa still got some good quality time in with his girls this weekend anyway.

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