Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Photo shoot with a two-year-old

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Doesn't this look like just a beautiful set-up for a holiday card photo? I mean, I got the fireplace, I got the (mini) tree, I got the stocking, I got the holiday stuffed toys... heck, I even got the fake icicles/snow.

What don't I got?

A girl who will hold still long enough to be IN THE DANG PICTURE!

I know she's only two.

I know two is wiggly.

I know it's fun to turn around in circles when you're two.

And we all have photos like that one.

But please, child...



Allknowingjen said...

Bwahahaha! That is really funny! (says the woman who hasn't yet tried to do her holiday photos)
It is a beautiful set though! And her hair is getting so long- my gosh!

Syl Wylvia said...

I went to Penney's for my Christmas card - then someone else has to get them to hold still.

This is too funny.

Kashka said...

In my family, you'd pick the funniest one and just send it.

Pusher said...

Heeheeheee!!!! Oh, thanks for the giggle! I've been just scrolling really fast through the pictures, like a flippy-book. I figure that's probably pretty close to what it was actually like.

Mary P. said...

Bwah-ha! I think you should just make them all into a collage. There's more long-term fun in the mischief pictures than there are in the 'pretty as a princess' pictures.

So, either a collage, or use pusher's suggestion and send out Christmas Flip-books. Heh.

kittenpie said...

And this is my plan for the weekend too! You'd think we both had two year olds and Christmas was approaching or somethign!