Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Might have to subscribe

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Picked up the local paper today in order to look for short-term, 3-bedroom rentals available 5/1 (hard to find, btw). But I might have to become a regular subscriber based on these gems I found in the "Local & State" section...

"It's a good bill. It's a Wisconsin bill. It's a beer bill," said state Rep. Scott Newcomer, R-Hartland, one of the measure's main sponsors.
Yeah! A good, Wisconsin beer bill! Now if they could only have rolled in some sort of good cheese subsidy... (That was from an article titled, "Lawmakers OK free beer samples.")

And from "The Police Blotter..."
Town of Menasha - April 7
Disturbance: A woman living on Woodrow Court reported that her roommate was throwing all her belongings outside and another woman was pouring ketchup on them.

You gotta love local papers! They have the most entertaining news.


Syl said...

I can't stop laughing at the ketchup. Talk about insult to injury.

Kashka said...

We do dramatic readings of the police blotter in my folks' local paper at holidays, mainly because every other item involves a "suspicious vehicle". My all-time favorite, however, was when a guy kept coming in to raid the Comfort Inn continental breakfast, saying, "It's okay, I'm Jesus Christ."