Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, those look... interesting

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Doing some catching up blog reading and came across this Easter-related post on Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen. (And no, I don't remember how I came to be reading their site fairly regularly, but it's got some fun stuff for non-apartment dwellers, too)

Tea Eggs

I would totally make these for a Halloween party, but they'd have to be called Rotten Dodo Bird Eggs or Giant Spider Eggs or something else suitable.

P.S. Happy National Garlic Day, too, I guess.


DiploWhat said...

A girl here at work makes tea eggs all the time. She picked it up in China. At least I think they'd taste better than the smoked eggs you could get in Korea. The shells looked really cool - like a beautiful burl wood - but the taste was awful!

Pusher said...

I've been eyeing up that recipe in The Joy of Cooking for years now. They just sound so cool!