Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We're not in Blarney anymore, Toto...

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Some cultural repatriation I've experienced in the past 10 days...
  • Marveled at the size of refrigerators
  • Enjoyed Wheat Thins, hash browns, and the shrivelly Cheetos that turn your fingers orange
  • Marveled at the size of cars
  • Stepped on a scale in pounds for the first time in my pregnancy. Yeah, I know it's all convertible and my weight isn't really any different, but the number is just so much SMALLER in stones or even kilos!!!
  • Driven on the right side of the road again
  • Marveled at the size and width of the roads!
  • Been reimpressed by the hugeness of the United States. We could have driven the length of Ireland when all we did was go from the middle of one state to the middle of the next one over.
and finally...
  • Gone to Target... twice! YAY!!!!


Kashka said...

You'll have to ask Pusher about taking me to a large box store after I'd returned from Jamaica -- granted, that was only 2 weeks away, but it was like throwing a hyperactive child into an amusement park and saying "have at it".

nonick said...

I've always been surprised at how big the US is.

Let's see, large country:
- large roads
- large cars
- large stores
- large refrigerators
along with:
- large yards
- large houses
- large ego? :)

I think the space/person ratio may just have an affect on how we live.

Enjoy that fridge space!

Pusher said...

Hee! Temp in the store post-Jamaica was most amusing. I forget what it was that nearly moved her to tears: multipacks of toilet paper? 42 varieties of toothpaste?

Welcome back to all the space and attempts to spread out and fill same! And no, you don't need a refresher course on 4-way stops, it's still everyone else who's doing it wrong. :-)

DiploWhat said...

Welcome back!
Ah, reverse culture shock. It can be mighty entertaining. Of course, I'm not too familiar with Irish food, but has the amount of grease in US food struck you yet? That, the size of portions, the size of Americans (fat), the high speeds on roads, and that everyone only seemed to talk about local "hick" stuff was what really hit us hard coming back. Now it's all normal and I want that extra large order of fries!