Thursday, April 26, 2007

Right, so.... hmmm...

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Right, so, I had an appointment today. Everything looks fine, blood pressure's good, weight's fine, tests came back ok, yadda, yadda, yadda...I'm dilated to 2 and starting to thin.

Yeah.... uh.... so....



Suppose I better finish packing my bag.

And I'm thinking that I wouldn't be taking any bets on actually making it all the way to my May 14th due date. (And probably not the 15th, which is Grampa Jem's b-day, even though he was hoping. *grin*)

And this'll be Mr. Kluges's last weekend trip to the TC until baby gets here... and he's going to have his phone with him at all times.

So I'm going to try not to freak out too much about not feeling ready. I mean, we've got some baby clothes, diapers, a car seat, and a pack-n-play, so we're pretty ok with all that.

Oh yeah... still gotta get down to a short list of names... better get crackin' on that, I'd say...

So, if you want to leave any suggestions, feel free. We still like the boy name we had left over from when Pumpkin was born, but we're struggling with cute, distinctive-but-not-weird, individual enough to not be "FirstName LastInitial" all through the school years girl names.

Ok, going to check out a last couple of blogs and then read to keep my mind from hitting the worry track all night. Wish us luck and a baby who is content to wait a little while longer, ok?


ShoNuff said...

I always liked Moonunit. It worked for Frank Zappa.

Allknowingjen said...

Eh- you could walk around like that for weeks! ;) Though wasn't pumpkin a little early too?
(Guess what? I just realized that all of my friends have had babies arrive before their due dates... huh. weird.)
I have to think on the names. Harper and Piper are pretty trendy right now, so stay away from those.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Yeah, Pumpkin was right at two weeks early - and both of the due dates were ultrasound-based or -confirmed, so it's not just that I'm bad at counting. ;) So that's another reason I've been a little... nervous, I guess, about this one coming early, too.

But you're right, AKJ... I could certainly walk around like this for weeks. Which I'd be FINE with.

(But when I went in for an appt. with Pumpkin & was at 1, well, I didn't make it the whole week to come back for another appt. before she arrived...)

Anonymous said...

Names are HARD!! Keep looking you will come up with a great one. Any luck it will be a boy and you will have decided. Who is watching Pumkin when this all happens? Do you have new friends in the new place?


MaryP said...

Ooo, exciting. I walked around a couple of cm dilated for weeks with my first. But that was my first. I doubt you'll last that long with a second, particularly not with some effacing going on, too.

Looking forward to hearing the good news!

Happy Veggie said...

My coworker who was due a week before me walked around like that for over two weeks, so it can happen. It was her second. Pissed her off that I went early though. However, why chance things. As for names... Kali is nice. Good strong name. And a Hindu goddess.