Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This weekend plus pinky update II

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This post is primarily for those who know us in real life. Mr. Kluges is heading back to the TC this weekend and will be doing some outside work on the house on Saturday and about half of Sunday. If anybody wants to come on over and see him (and maybe lend a hand while you're there *grin*), that'd be great. Our cell phone number is still the same as last time we were here, but if you don't know it, you can email us. We're sorry we didn't see anybody except Jaysan & Ang when we were there two weeks ago, but it was just too crazy.

FYI, there's also an outside possibility that he'd be coming with a U-haul to load up our bed, couch, etc. if we do find an unfurnished three-bedroom yet this week, but that's an unknown right now.

Pumpkin and I will NOT be doing the 5-6 hour drive this time around. I'd be too uncomfortable, it's not like she thinks it's great fun, and my helpfulness is pretty much nil once we're there 'cuz I can't really lift anything plus I need to keep track of the very active 2 year old. However, I'll be thinking fondly of y'all!

In further finger news, Pumpkin's appointment went well today. She was very distressed when they were taking off the bandage, due, I'm sure, to the memory of the pain from when they put it on, but they said it looked good. Nice pink tip and all. It looks rather ugly still, but way better than I thought it might. Now it just has a regular old bandaid on it, so it attracts a lot less attention, which is nice from my "I know accidents happen, but I still feel way guilty" viewpoint. We have to soak it in a peroxide/water mixture 3-4 times a day for the next two weeks, when we have another visit. Pumpkin's fine with that...but does not like having the bandaid taken off. Like, based on the two times I've done it today, it's practically a pin-her-down manuever. So I'm hoping that gets easier and less stressful for her with repetition.

Also, hoping that we'll still be just-the-three-of-us when we get to her appointment 'cuz it's starting to get close to that magic due date... and we're SOOOOOOO not ready...


Syl said...

Glad to hear you're down to a band-aid and I'm sure the removal will get better in time. I used to get allergy shots as a kid and they had to have 3 nurses hold me down the first couple of times. It wasn't long before I just took them without fuss. And those were SHOTS.

Pack a little bag, the rest will work itself out. Do you need anything? Car seat?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Yeah, packing my bag is on this week's to-do list, especially since Mr. Kluges told me that it must be on my mind 'cuz I've been mentioning it daily lately. I've got a car seat from my parents that we're using for Pumpkin & a bucket-style one from "Turtle" aka The Godmother for the new arrival. Just heard that our shipment is only a week or two out, so then we'll have more stuff, too. Thanks, though!

nonick said...

Glad to hear that Pumpkin's doing better. Hopefully, she'll remember this well enough not to stick her hand in the path of a closing door again.

I'll swing by to greet and lend a hand on Saturday. Hope to see all of you at some point.

Happy Veggie said...

Do you need a package of little diapers? Ajd didn't believe me that we didn't need two, and now they need a good home because we don't have the receipt. I also have some smaller clothes that the Sprout never fit in, and some she will outgrow in days at the rate she's growing. Lemme know and I can run them by.

Pusher said...

I'm so glad Pumpkin is doing well! Hope to see Mr. Kluges this weekend, but Saturday we're going to be tearing up a good portion of our front yard, so we probably won't make it over to lend a hand. :-(

kittenpie said...

Oh! I just came back around after being all tied up and tired and whatnot, so I had missed the pinky episode! How awful! (For you, for pumpkin, I'm not sure which in greater measure!) Glad it's healing nicely, though, even if the bandaids will be a source of angst for a bit longer.