Thursday, April 12, 2007

More mutterings...

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I have reached the rather uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

The one where I look (and often feel) like I've swallowed a large beach ball. I managed to cut my own toenails again today, but it may be for the last time. (Ok, I know that's maybe more about my personal hygiene than you wanted to know, but it's symptomatic of the problem.) My cute tightish boots can't zip all the way up over my apparently ballooning calves. (Calves? I always thought the problem was supposed to be swelling ankles, you know?!?!) My skin is itchy from pregnancy stretching, indoor heat, and the crazy cold weather we've been having. And it turns out that Tums does not work as well as Gaviscon for heartburn.

But on the plus side, we got in to see a doctor today for a check-up, and things look fine, and all that (insurance, doctor, hospital, etc.) is shaping up to be much easier to sort out and take care of than it looked like at first. (Knock on wood)

And... (I know this is of even less general interest than the pregnancy-centric previous paragraphs, but thrilling for us...) Pumpkin went poopy on the potty tonight! She was in her bath and said, "That's just a fart." I said, from the other room, "Do you need to sit on the potty?" and she said, "Yes." So Mr. Kluges swooped her out, balanced her tiny tushie on the big potty, and lo, and behold, there was Business. Hooray! (Both for the pooping on the potty, and also for the no "swimmers" in the bathtub!)

So that's what's up with us. Off to the TC this weekend to check out the house, make a to-do list to get it on the market, maybe do some yard work, and pick up a few things from the basement storage, so probably no posts until maybe Monday. Cheers!


Allknowingjen said...

Yay for business! What a big girl! :)

Ah yes, the lovely last month of pregnancy- ugh!
Please be careful and don't overdo anything this weekend. Take it easy ok?

Kashka said...

You're in the Cities this weekend? I'm in the Cities this weekend! We'll have to get it together with your tenants to see each other!

nonick said...

I'm amused that you capitalized "Business".

Syl said...

Congrats on the business. We can't even get potty in the potty, but Kitten sure wants to sit on it quite a bit.

Happy Veggie said...

You're in the cities and I'm still in the hospital? Well, here's hoping for more of an on time delivery, and less of a "its just to get tests results back faster, you'll be home tonight, you don't need to get your bags".

E said...

Have you tried Maalox (the liquid kind) for heart-burn? It's over the counter and seems to be faster-acting than tums or rolaids. It's worked like a charm when I've needed it.
Think of how good it'll feel to zip up your boots in the fall. : )