Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pinky Update

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Just a quick post to let you all know that Pumpkin is doing fine. She's been great taking her antibiotics, which is nice 'cuz she has to take them 4 times a day. Man, am I glad I got her medicine flavored at the pharmacy! She also apparently has a high pain tolerance, because she has only been given 4 doses total of any pain relievers. It just doesn't seem to bother her much. That or they have some kind of super anti-bonk device hidden under the bandage. Seriously - we gave her the tylenol with codeine for the first night for fear of the numbness wearing off and then her (and us) having no sleep the second half of the night, but it was no big deal. Since then we've given her children's advil for the second night (she slept wonderfully) and then today before heading out to look at open houses. She will be careful with her pinky, and tells us it's owie sometimes, but seems to be in great form overall.

I'm hoping that things will go smoothly at the doctor's office on Tuesday 'cuz she doesn't like her bandage touched much, but I have to say that she's (and therefore we're) doing much better than I'd have thought on Friday afternoon!!

P.S. She's quite enamored with her wrist tags from the hospital and won't let us remove her "bracelets." So she really looks like we JUST came from the ER wherever we go...


DiploWhat said...

Awesome! Kids have a remarkable ability to heal. I also think they have an optional pain meter. Sometimes you see kids take amazing tumbles onto concrete and they just get right up. Other times they bush up against something and scream like bloody murder. Anyway, very glad to hear it's going well.

Ang said...

I'm so relieved! I hope everything continues to get better smoothly. My thoughts are with you.

Kashka said...

Once you are allowed to cut them off, be sure to keep them -- the envelope of "baby" stuff my mom saved is pretty slim, but the bracelets from both ER visits are in there.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are good. Are you driving this weekend to check out the other house? turtle

Pusher said...

Oh yay! I'm very relieved. Hope today's trip back to the doctor's office went as well as the rest of her recovery has been!