Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy and Random Thoughts

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Guess what?!

I'm writing this on my OWN computer! Not on Mr. Kluges's work laptop! Yay!

Many thanks to my little brother, Uncle TP, for the hand-me-down computer he passed on to us. Mr. Kluges already has it up and running and it's SUPER! Thanks so much, Uncle TP!!!

(Also, thanks to Jaysan and Ang, who gave back the crockpot we'd given t
o them when we left for Ireland since they knew I couldn't (still can't, BTW) find the other one I swear we stored, and to TheLadyWhoCohostedTheBabyShower ButIDon'tThinkSheHasANicknameYet for the pants. They fit perfectly! Really!)

We had a wonderful time on our MN visit and managed to
  • see our immediate families including my brothers and sister-in-law, Mr. Kluges' brother and SIL, and Penguin & Pumpkin's cousins
  • see the Turtle family (Pumpkin's godparents)
  • see a BUNCH of friends at Sprout's baby shower (Pusher took great pictures, BTW, so swing by her blog to check them out.)
  • enjoy a whole day at the lake on the 4th
  • and, oh yeah, close on our old house!
So now we don't own anything larger than our Blazer, but our bank account is looking rather plush. Of course, it'll be a different story once we buy a house here, and then try to furnish it since we're lacking quite a few items of furniture it'd be handy to have.

Also, I have to say
Yay for sweetcorn!

I missed it mightily while in Ireland, especially after a childhood where
we grew it just across the road in rows and rows and rows in the field. Summer just wasn't the same without it, and I only tried the sorry frozen excuse for it once while in Blarney. One of Mr. Kluges' coworkers raises vegetables (well, her husband does) and she brought some in for him - fresh picked today. YUM!

Penguin had her two month appointment on Monday - a week late because I scheduled it to avoid any Independence Day plans. She's already 12 lbs. 6 oz.! She's healthy and proved her lungs were healthy, too, when getting her shots. Loud!

And, since I can save photos onto this computer now, I'll pass on a couple that Turtle took at her house when we visited 'cuz they're just so dang cute.

I'm hoping to soon be able to hook up our own camera to this computer and pull over my pix, too, but for now I'm just thrilled to have a computer I can use WHENEVER I WANT TO! (Ok, except for the 23 hours and 57 minutes every day when one or both of my girls needs me, but still...)


Mr Kluges said...

Better update your tagline - A toddler + no computer until Mr. Kluges is home from work + a baby who wants to nurse almost constantly in the evening + it's hard to type with only one hand while said baby is nursing = fewer blog entries for the foreseeable future.

Jaysan said...

One thing that you may want to consider, is putting your ill-gotten gains into one of those high yield savings accounts until you are ready to put down the money on the next house. We used ING and made enough for a couple of iPhones...


ewe are here said...

Yes, we have oversized-baby syndrome in this house, too. ;-)
Baby Boo turned 4 months old this week; he weighed in at 16 and a half pounds 3 weeks ago, so I can only guess what he tips the scales at now!

kittenpie said...

Mmm. My mom's from Iowa, and we used to be there once in a while for there sweet corn festival. Sooo good. I love corn.

Syl said...

It gets much better in a few months when they start sleeping on the same schedule.