Friday, July 27, 2007

Same Song, Fifth Verse

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Yeah, I'm guessing you're all getting kind of tired of checking our blog for news, huh? Us, too.

Long ago was Monday, when we had (foolishly) thought we might hear any minute & so some of you were refreshing your pages periodically in case we'd posted the news. How our expectations have changed, huh?!

Well, we still don't know anything. Which makes the weekend stretch out l-o-o-o-ng in front of us since things might not move at all, for all we know.

Trust me - when we know something, we'll post it! Hope you all have a good, relaxing weekend!


Allknowingjen said...

Hope you are able to enjoy the weekend. Hang in there!

Pusher said...

:-) You know, while we are all very excited about the possibility of you having a new house (and such a tremendously cool one at that!), it's not the only reason we come to check your blog. Non house-related posts are welcome too. Have a great weekend!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I know... it's just that it seems like all I'm thinking about now is the house. Well, or spit-up, or poop, or potty training, or supper, or grocery shopping, or other boring stuff.